Andrew McKnight vs Hermand Oil Co., 1891

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The Scotsman
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McKnight vs Hermand Oil Co.

(Before Lord Kincairney and a Jury)

The trial began yesterday and concluded to-day of the action by Andrew McKnight, miner, West Calder, against the Hermand Oil Company , for £500 at common law, or £136 , 10 s . under the statute, for the loss of his son John, 19 years of age, who , while working as a pitheadman's labourer on 5th January last, was so severely burned by an explosion of a naphtha lamp that he died.

The pursuer said the accident was due to an incompetent pitheadman and insufficient lighting appliances; but the defence was that the deceased, in filling the lamp, spilled soma of the oil on his clothes, which were caught by the flame.

After an absence of about ten minutes, the jury returned with a unanimous verdict for the defenders.

Counsel for the Pursuer—Mr Wilson. Agent—A W. Gordon, S.S.C. Counsel for the Defenders—Mr Young and Mr Clyde. Agents—Drummond & Reid, S.S.C.

The Scotsman - Thursday 16 July 1891