Report of the Coal Commission, 1866

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01/01/1867 (approximate)

Extract from: Report of the Coal Commission to enquire as to the quantity of coal at present consumed in various branches of manufacture..." - appointed 7th July 1866.

List of Cannel and Shale Oil Works, distilling crude petroleum from cannel coal, or bituminous shales of sandstones, so far as these have been ascertained, were in 1865 as follows; Many of these are now idle:"

  • Flintshire Oil and Cannel Coal Company, Limited - Saltney.
  • British Oil and Cannel Company - Leeswood
  • Canneline Oil Company - Coed Talon
  • Coppa Oil Company - Padeswood
  • William's Patent Mineral Charcoal and Oil Company - Ponty Bodkin
  • W. B. Marston's Oil Works - Coed Talon
  • Leeswood Main Cannel Oil Company - Hope and Leeswood
  • North Wales Oil Company - Lower Leeswood
  • Padeswood Oil Company - Padeswood
  • Roger Jones and Company - Hope
  • E. G. Buttery and Company - Hope
  • Thomas Green - Padeswood
  • G. H. Birkbeck and Company - Padeswood
  • Ness and Griffiths - Padeswood
  • Barlow and Jeff's - Coed Talon
  • F. Page and Company - Padeswood
  • Mold Mineral Oil Company - Mold
  • G. F. Milthorp - Padeswood
  • Glover and Company - Leeswood
  • Hardman and Sharett - Tryddu
  • Plasy Mhowys Oil Company - Nerquis
  • The Cambrian Oil Company – Hope.

Report of the coal commission