Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory, 1868

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Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory
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01/01/1868 (approximate)

1868 - Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory

HAWARDEN - under "Oil Manufacturers"

  • Turner, Joseph & Co. (and railway greases and lubricating compound) Chemical Works Queens Ferry, Flint

HOLYWELL - under "Oil Manufacturers"

  • Bagillt Oil Co. oil manufacturers. Bagillt – George Hunter, manager

MOLD - under "Mineral Oil Manufacturers"

  • Barlow & Jeff (crude) Coed Talon
  • Birkbeck G.H. (crude, refined & lubricating), Padeswood
  • British Oil & Cannel Co. Ltd. (crude and refined), Leeswood – John Brookes, manager
  • Buttery, E. (crude) Hope station
  • Canneline Oil Co. Ltd (crude, burning and lubricating) Coed Talon, John Gibbon, manager
  • Coppa Oil Co. Ltd (paraffin and lubricating), Padeswood, J.R. Batty, secretary
  • Flintshire Oil and Cannel Co. Ltd., Tryddyn – Thomas Ollis, manager
  • Glover, W.W. & Co. (crude), Hope Station
  • Lavender, Edward & Co. (refined and lubricating), Mold
  • Leeswood Main Coal, Cannel & Oil Co. (crude), Leeswood, S. Byrd, secretary London,
  • Leeswood & Erith Mineral Oil Co. Ltd. (crude and refined), Pont y Bodkin; W.M. Williams, manager
  • Marston W.B., (burning and lubricating), Leeswood
  • Melthorp G.& F., (paraffin &c.), Padeswood
  • Middleton, Edwin & Co. (crude), Hope Station
  • Myers, James (crude), Coed Talon
  • Ness, Griffiths & Jones (crude) Padeswood
  • North Wales Coal Oil Co. Ltd. (solid paraffin, crude and lubricating oils), Padeswood; Jos. J. Coleman F.R.S. Manager; office in Chester, 98 Eastgate rd.
  • Padeswood Oil Co. Ltd (crude), Padeswood – Wm. Semple secretary
  • Page & Co. (crude), Padeswood
  • Plas Yn Mhowys coal, cannel & Ironstone Co. Ltd (crude & refeined oils, greases & C.) near Mold; A. Norman Tate, secretary
  • Welsh Coal & Mineral Oil Co. Ltd., Oak Pits Colliery, Mold – Charles Hales, manager

RUABON – under "Paraffin Oil Works"

  • Crowther & Co. Cefn
  • Holmes, Joseph, Cefn
  • Lamb F., Cefn

CHESTER – under "Oil Manufacturers"

  • British Oil and Cannel Co. Saltney
  • The Flintshire Oil and Cannel Co. (shale), St. David's Works, Saltney, near Chester, & 9, Castle street. Liverpool – Charles A. Fisher, secretary

1880 - Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory

MOLD – under "Mineral Oil Manufacturers"

  • Birkbeck, George Henry, Coppa Oil Works, Padeswood
  • Canneline (The) Oil Co. Limited, (crude burning and lubricating), Coed Talon; John Gibbon, manager; London office, 62 Bishopgate St, within, E.C.
  • Marston, W.B., Leeswood Vale Oil Works, Coed Talon
  • Wilcocks & Piercy, Royal Cambrian Oil and Grease Works, Hope Station

1885 - Wilson's Trade Directory for Wales

FLINT – under "Mineral Oil Manufacturers"

  • Canneline Oil Co. (L) Coed Talon
  • Marston, W.B. Oil Works, Coed Talon
  • Wilcocks & Piercy, Hope Station