Proposed Oil Master's Association, 1866

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Wrexham Advertiser
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A preliminary and influential meeting of the oil manufacturers of North Wales, was held yesterday week, at the Black Lion Hotel, Mold, for the purpose of considering the practicability of establishing an Oil Manufacturers' Association for the protection of the interests of the trade. Amongst those present were —

  • Messrs. G. A. Birkheck,
  • Captain Matthews,
  • W. B. Marston,
  • E. G. Buttery,
  • W. M. Williams,
  • A. N. Tate,
  • H. Darling,
  • Slater (Burslem),
  • W. Ness,
  • E. G. Griffiths,
  • T. Green,
  • E. Middleton,
  • Jeff, W. Glover,
  • Taylor, Wilcock (Hope),
  • Wilcock (Plas-yn Mhowys),
  • A. G. Hunter,
  • T. Strange (sec. pro. tern.)

G. H. Birkbeck, Esq., presided, and in opening the proceedings threw out a series of well-digested propositions, which were generally approved of, and were referred to a committee for drawing up the rules of association which it was agreed to form.

In stating the objects of the meeting, he said an association, such as it was proposed to form, would, if properly carried out, alter the existing state of things, and regulate the prices; and this, by frequent discussion, would enable the masters to see their own interests. The following subjects were suggested as matters which the association should consider : —

  • 1. Wages : a uniform rate of wages and charges to furnacemen, labourers, and still-men, and it should especially be recommended that no man be taken on from another works without a recommendation. That was done in all established trades, and, if adopted, it would produce very beneficial effects both for men and masters.
  • 2. Oil to be delivered, in all cases, free on rails only ; makers to obtain rates for buyers, but prices never to include any charge for carriage.
  • 3. Buyers to be dealt as always supplying casks, such casks to be delivered free to works. If casks be supplied by sellers those to be charged at net cost delivered, and such cost to be added to invoice.
  • 4. Weights of oil to be taken as leaving the works ; no allowance for short weight or leakages.
  • 5. With regard to discounts and commissions, all prices to be quoted net ; and whatever charge is made such to be added to invoice.
  • 6. In case of dispute as to weights, water in oil, Sec, to appoint some officer to attend on behalf of the association as arbitrator in such dispute.

lt was agreed to form the association, and a committee was appointed, consisting of Messrs. Birkheck, Williams, Green, Tate, Marston), and Matthews, which were to report upon the suggestions at the next meeting, to be held on Thursday, the 19th of April, at Mold. Mr Strange was appointed, secretary to the committee.

The Wrexham Advertiser, 14th April 1866