Charge of Stealing Piping, 1868

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Wrexham Advertiser
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Edward Henry Taylor was brought before the Rev. Jenkin Davies, on Wednesday, charged with stealing a quantity of gas piping at Coed Talon.

Richard Claney said he was the landlord of the Coach and Horses Inn, Boughton, Chester. He purchased the oil works and machinery of Messrs. Barlow and Jeffs, at Coed Talon. Amongst the property purchased was a quantity of gas piping. That produced was a portion of it.

ln cross-examination by the prisoner, witness said prisoner came to him about eight weeks ago, and he arranged to give prisoner commission if he found him customers. He sold £21 worth of tanks to Messrs. Milthrope, and he afterwards engaged prisoner as a workman at £1 per week and his dinner. He was not to have 2.5 per cent, on things he sold in addition to his wages. He worked for prosecutor for a fortnight, and he gave him some things — a retort worth £1 and a drum.

Prisoner told him he wanted 50 yards of gas piping, which prosecutor said he could have on the same terms as other people, but they were not to be removed till cash was paid. There was an arrangement for a commission after the prisoner was discharged.

Prisoner asked prosecutor why he loaded 50 yards of piping, when the latter replied he would load what he liked. He told prisoner there were 50 yards of piping on the ground which he might have by paying for it. — By the Bench: I did not sell any gas piping to prisoner at all. — Robert Williams said: I am a publican living at Pontblyddyn. On Friday morning last purchased the gas piping produced from the prisoner, and gave him 10s. 1d. for it. He said he had had it instead of some wages that were due to him. He also told me he had had a small retort in the same way. —

P.C. W. Parry said he apprehended the prisoner on a warrant on Tuesday, and he stated that the piping had been given him by Messrs. Claney and Jackson instead of wages, and that he had a letter in his pocket to prove it. — Prisoner desired the case to be postponed, as he could call witnesses to prove that the piping was given to him. — He called James Jackson, broker, Flooker's Brook, near Chester, who said he had agreed to give the prisoner commission on bricks. He also spoke to him about a tank, and witness said he could have it by paying for it. Witness was present when Mr. Claney gave prisoner a retort and a drum. Witness never sold or gave him any piping at all. — Prisoner was then committed for trial at the quarter sessions.

The Wrexham Advertiser; 16th May 1868