Pumpherston 28 Drumshoreland Rd.

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Disposition by The Pumpherston Oil Company Limited in favour of James Peffers. Item records the sale of 28 Drumshoreland Road, Pumpherston, to James Peffers for the sum of £1570 with the entry date of 30th July 1969. Accompanied by a plan at a scale of roughly 1:360 showing the location of the 0.080 acre property in red, with common access areas shown in green and brown. The plan also incorporates a map at a scale of 1:2500 showing the wider area in which the property is located. Also includes a letter from James Peffers, dated 5th February 1970, asking if there is a small piece of land near the property where he could erect a wooden garage. Pinned to this is a receipt from Scottish Oils Limited dated 13th February 1970 for the sum of £55/13/11 received from Messrs. Miller, Thompson, Henderson & Co. in payment of interest, feuduty and local rates owed on the same property.