Scottish Oils Limited, Oil Agreement - Crude Oil. 1923-1925.

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Includes draft twelve year Agreement between Scottish Oils Limited and The Anglo Persian Oil Company (APOC), to come into effect on 1 January 1923, under which APOC are to supply the Scottish company with a quantity of crude oil.

Memorandum on proposed Agreement with regard to additional supplies of crude oil for the Scottish refineries and the marketing of products therefrom. Correspondence with Scottish Oils Ltd regarding the adjustment in price of a permanent stock of 8,000 tons of Persian crude oil held on account of Uphall Refinery. Correspondence regarding the Grangemouth Agreement, i.e. between Scottish Oils Ltd and National Oil Refineries Limited (NOR): stocks of crude and products held by NOR at 1 April 1925 become the property of APOC, and from that date NOR cease to purchase crude, etc for refining, but refine for APOC .