Scottish Oils Ltd, News Cuttings

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BP - Newspaper clippings


Scottish Oils Limited, News Cuttings. Bound volume containing cuttings from newspapers of articles associated with the operations of Scottish Oils Limited.

Split into two sections to reduce file size

Includes articles/ news cuttings from different newspapers of England, Scotland and Ireland. Includes Articles in connection to the closure of the mines by Scottish Oils, in Broxburn and Tarbrax on 15th September 1925 effecting 2000 men.

  • West Lothian Courier -Friday,September 4, 1925 " The Crisis in the Shale Oil Industry".
  • The Edinburgh Evening News- 8th September, 1925 " SCOTTISH OILS CRISIS, Appeal to the Government, Enormous Loss Involved."
  • Scotsman- 14th September, 1925. "Shale Oil Crisis, A Temporary Respite, Glasgow Conference". " Mass Meeting Of Miners".
  • Courier-23rd October,1925."SCOTTISH OIL CRISIS Government Decision, Independent Inquiry." 6th November, 1925 " Scottish Oil Crisis, Ballot to be taken."
  • Herald- 10th November, 1925, "SHALE OIL-FURTHER APPEAL TO WORKERS-companies new offer, union declare a strike".- 12th November, 1925, " SHALE OIL, 800 MINERS ON STRIKE."
  • Gazette- 11th December,1925," Recommended to Accept Shale Strike and new Terms Of Reference,Settlement accepted."
  • Forward-3rd April,1926, "THE SCOTTISH SHALE REPORT, The Inquiry`s Findings, The Government and the Oil Companies."
  • Glasgow Evening News- 22.09.1926, "SHALE OIL TRADE CRISIS. Scots Mines and Works to be Closed."

Includes a loose leaf sheet which states the papers and periodicals in which articles appeared in connection with the Court of Enquiry into the Scottish Shale Oil Industry.