Shale Mines (Scotland) Mines and Pits Sunk, 1851 to 1947.

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Undated set of papers associated with summarising the mines and pits sunk in the Scottish Shale Oil Industry between 1851 and 1947. The first paper, in tabular form, is a register of the shale mines and pits worked by the Companies which merged to form Scottish Oils in the 1920's. These companies were the; Broxburn Oil Company; Oakbank Oil Company; Pumpherston Oil Company and Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Company. The Register lists sites owned and mines and pits worked by the Companies as well as the mineral seams and final date abandoned. There is also a column detailing landowners, compensation payments incurred by the Company and other information taken from the books which may have some relevance. The second paper dated, 7 October 1947, is a working paper prepared by Alexander Davidson, Broxburn Works and details information on mines and pits sunks requested by John Patterson, Director. It contains hand written information.