Letters - From the Broxburn Oil Co. Ltd to William Love Esq

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Collection of letters from the Broxburn Oil Co. Ltd to William Love Esq regarding the purchase of 'Elmore', Park Road, Broxburn from George Brown

Including copy of offer of purchase of Mr G Brown's Semi detached house, Park Road, Broxburn by Broxburn Oil Co and of letter by purchasers agents confirming acceptance. There is also correspondence regarding the possible purchase of other properties around Mr Browns, dating from 15th February 1910 to 4th March 1910.

George Brown & Edward Jones Houses


Broxburn Oil Works, Broxburn 28th Feb, 1910.

William Love, Esqr.

28 Royal Exchange Square,


Dear Sir,

With reference to our letter of 18th inst, enclosing Report on semi-detached House in Park Road belonging to Mr George Brown, we have since interviewed Mr Edward Towe, who owns the Houses attached to Mr Brown’s, and he is still willing to sell his house if the matter could be settled immediately so that he would have time to look out for a house for himself for the [M]ay Term.

The price he asks for his house is £550. This is £45 more than Brown is asking, but Mr Towe aseerts that his House is better painted and finished. The Feu Duty on his Feu is £1-17-6, and he says that Mr Brown’s is the same, as they are both the same area. He could not tell us the exact acreage without looking up his Feu Charter, but we expect this ground will be feued at the rate of £16 per acre.

We asked [M]r Chambers, who is lodging with Brown, to inspects Towe’s House on Saturday last, and he reports that there is very little difference between them. He says Towe’s house is perhaps better finished in painting and papering.

Both houses are substantially built, and woodwork, etc, fairly well finished. Should you decide to buy these Houses,

The Price, of course, would be a matter for negotiation, and we let Mr Towe understand that we would give a definite reply this week. Mr Brown, also of course, is waiting on a definite reply.

Yours truly,


William Cuthbertson

George Brown. Park Road. Edward Towe

Price £505 £550

Feu duty 1.17/6 1.17/6

Assessed Rent. 18.- 18-

About 1/8 acre.

Both Houses

Parlour Oriel Window Sitting Room.

Kitchen, Scullery with boiler.

Bathroom W.C. H & C water.

4 Bedrooms- 1 large. 2. fire places 2 without

Coal Cellar with inside access.

Drying green & poles.

Gas & Electric light throughout

Note:- Mr Robertson Coghin, Broxburn, informed me by telephone 24/6/27 that there is no electric light in house – not even wired.

Main Street,

Broxburn, 15th Feb, 1910.

Mr W. Cuthbertson,


As requested by you I have inspected and made enquiry anent the conditions of Sale of semi-detached Cottages in Park Road, belonging to Mr Brown. It consists of Parlour with Oriel, 1 Sitting Room, Kitchen with Scullery with boiler, Bathroom with W. C., H. & C. Water throughout, 4 Bedrooms top flat, 1 extra good size, 2 without fireplaces, Coal Cellar, with inside access, Drying Green & Poles. Gas and Electric light ※ throughout, all well finished and substantially built, front stone with brick back, stone dyke and iron railing to front, and brick boundary wall.

Mr Brown wants the sum of £505, purchaser to play whole expenses of transfer.

I think the property good value for the money wanted.

I may say Mr Brown would like an immediate Sale if at all, as he would have to look out for a suitable house for himself.

I have enclosed letter received from Mrs Robinson.

I am,

Yours truly

(Sgd) Alexr Ralston.

See note re Electric light in letter dated 28/10/1910.

George Brown’s House Mr Towe’s do attached.

Broxburn Oil Works,

Broxburn, 18th Feb, 1910.

William Love, Esqr.

28 Royal Exchange Square,


Dear Sir,

I herewith enclose Copy of Report received from Mr Alexr Ralstone about Mr Brown’s House in Park Road, also copy of letter which Mr Ralston received from Mrs Robinson in connection with her house in Park Road.

I sent you Mr Ralston’s Report on Mrs Robinson’s House some time ago. Her house is built attached to a similar house belonging to a Mr Simpson, a nephew of the late Mr Kennedy, and we understand that Mr Towe, a son-in-law of the late Mr Kennedy, and we understand that Mr Towe is in the same position as Mr Brown, and would sell his house if he could find another suitable house for himself. Both Mr Brown and he built their houses about two years ago, but both would like now to have a smaller house.

Yours truly,


[signed] William Cuthbertson

Feu duty & extent of ground

Copy of Offer referred to overleaf and of letter by purchases Agents conforming Acceptance.

55 West Regent Street,

Glasgow 4th March 1910

Mr George Brown,

Park Road,


Dear Sir,

Our clients the Broxburn Oil Company Limited, inform us that their Works Manager Mr Cuthbertson, has arranged with you for the purchase by the Company of the semi-detached hiouse in Park Road, belonging to you, and to put the matter in form, we have been instructed to send you formal offer for your acceptance.

On behalf of the said Company, we therefore offer to purchase from you the semi-detached house on Park Road, Broxburn, belonging to you, on the following conditions:-

1. That the price be Five hundred pounds.

2. That the Company’s term of entry be Whitsunday next (15th May) when the price will be payable,- the Company of course getting possession of the subjects at the removal term on 28th May next.

3. That the only burden affecting the subject is an allocated annual feu duty of £1-7-6.

4. That you give a marketable title to the subject.

5. That the expense of the Disposition by you to the purchasers (including stamp duty and revising fee) be borne by the Company.

6. That this offer be open for your acceptance till noon on Tuesday, 8th inst.

We shall be glad to have your acceptance which must be written wholly in your own hand writing. If not so written, you must write the words “adopted as holograph” above your signature, just as we have done above our signatures to this letter.

Yours truly

adopted as holograph

(sgd) J Watson Stuart & Kerr.

55 West Regent Street,

Glasgow 7th March 1910.

Mr George Brown,


Park Road


Dear Sir,

We have your letter of this date which we regard as an unqualified acceptance of our offer of 4th inst on behalf of the Broxburn Oil Company Limited for the purchase of the semi-detached house in Park Road, Broxburn, belonging to you on the footing that the annual feu duty affecting the subjects is £1:17:6 and not £1:7:6 as mentioned in our offer.

Be good enough to send us by return the policy of insurance covering the house against fire in order that we may get an endorsement made thereon to the effect that our clients have purchased the subjects the price being payable at Whitsunday.

We shall be obliged also by you sending us at the same time the title deeds in order that we may prepare Draft Disposition in favour of our client’s

Yours truly

adopted as holograph

(sgd) J. Watson Stuart & Keir


Park Rd


March 7th 1910

Messrs Watson Stuart & Kerr,

Dear Sirs,

I hereby accept your offer to purchase from me, that semi detached house in Park Road.

And also agree to your Conditions.

(1) That the Sum be five hundred pounds,

(2) That the buyers term of entry be Whitsunday next, of course getting possession of the subjects, at the removal term on 28th day of May.

(3) The only burden affecting the Subjects is an Annual feu duty of £1.17.6. (not £1.7.6)

(4) The Marketplace title to be given on the 15th day of May when the price will be payable.

(5) That the expense be borne for the Conveyancing of the title by the buyers,

Yours Sincerely

[signed] George Brown

see over

AA 16/4/128.

Front feus

42’ x 106’ = 495 sq. yds

Superior rate £11 per acre = £1.2.6

As allowed by George Paterson - £1.17.6 being 2/3rd of an [illegible]

Augmentation of 10% by Sup[erio]r in allocating £1.17.6 3/9d

give £2.1.3 rates feu duty

Back feus

42’ x 68’ = 317 sq yds

at £11 rate feu duty wd be 14/5

Paterson property feu duty 7/2

Front & Back feus combined

42’ X 174’ = 812 sq yds

overhead £11 rate – feu duty w[oul]d be £1.16.10

10% on alloc[atio]n[?] by Superior 3. 8


Existing f[eu] d[uty] on front £2.1.3

Proposed on back 7/2 & 20% on allo[catio]n

being under £1 8.7


£500, we pay expenses &


40’ x 106’


George Brown – Park Rd.

Entry at 15 May

When first note be payable & possession at the usual renewal being 28th May.