Original Leases and Terminations for Albyn Works and Gas Works (Earl of Buchan). No 5. Report on the Mining Operations of the Linlithgow Oil [...]

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Extracted from a bundle of documents, drawings, leases and reports original tied together and now separated and listed separately as analytics. Handwritten report on the Mining Operations of the Linlithgow Oil Company Limited by Landale, Frew and Landale dated 26th August, 1885, bound with string. The report describes the three workings then operated by the Linlithgow Oil Company - Champfleurie No. 1 shale mine, Ochiltree No. 2 shale mine, and Ochiltree coal mine. It provides a detailed description of the equipment used for winding, pumping and ventilating each mine, examines the methods of working and costs of operation. A sketch of a cross section of the Houston Coal seam is included within the report. Handwritten report on thin, almost transparent paper on the Houston Coal at Little Ochiltree. The report refers to a plan which is not included, appears to be incomplete, and has no author or date. The report describes coal mining operations by the Linlithgow Oil Company at Ochiltree that occured between 26th February 1885 until 9th August, 1888 and the transport of the coal to Linlithgow (Champfleurie) Oil Works. The report also proposes the re-opening of the coal reserves from a new site, and the construction of a new haulage way to transport coal to the oil works. Bound together by single staple.


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