Disposition - Lawhead Croft, Tarbrax

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Disposition by Scottish Oils Limited in favour of John Stevenson Hutchison. Dated. Recorded 1933 of 1.628 acres forming Lawhead Croft, part of the lands of Lawhead, Tarbrax. Miller Thompson Henderson & Co. Deposition records the sum of £150 (Sterling) paid by John Stevenson Hutchison, a retired carpet weaver, to purchase the Lawhead Croft at Tarbrax, lying in the Parish of Carnwath and County of Lanark. Deposition mentions a specific point A marked on a plan, but no plan is attached to the deposition. It covers all of the elements included in the sale such as the dwellling house, and other whole buildings but with exception of the rights to any coal, ironstone, fireclay, marl, shale and limestone and all mines, metals, minerals and stone or every description which may be found in or under the plot of land involved in the sale. The rights of these will be retained by Scottish Oils Limited. John Stevenson Hutchison is also required to pay an annual fee of £1 to Scottish Oil Limited for his water supply, which will not be guaranteed. The deposition is marked to be signed by W. Fraser, Director, Robert Crichton, Director and R.W. Meikle, Secretarty. Typed written document.

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