Donate collection

The collection we hold at the Museum of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry is recognised as a Nationally Significant collection, as well as being important in the international story of the oil industry as a whole. Our museum collection is key to preserving the legacy of this unique industry that occurred within West Lothian. As a remit of our Nationally Significant status we are always looking to acquire new objects, that will enhance the collection we already have, and allow us to further tell the history and stories of the local area. As custodians of this collection we care for our objects to the highest standard, keeping them safe for future generations.

If you think you might be in possession of any objects that relate directly to the Shale Oil Industry, and West Lothian as a whole, and would like to donate them to our museum, then we would love to hear from you. As time moves on it is important that we preserve as much as possible so that the West Lothian community can continue to engage with and remember their legacy, and so that those from further afield can enjoy and share our unique history.

Although we cannot take everything proposed to us, we greatly appreciate any contributions that will add to the historical value of our collection, and that will allow us to preserve and share even more of the industrial and social history of the area of West Lothian.

If you have any objects that you think we would like to add to our collection then please fill in the form below, giving as much information as you can regarding it’s history, ownership and purpose.