Scottish shale Scottish shale

Liverpool and Ramsey Oil Refinery and Chemical Oil Co. Ltd

Share capital:
Registered office:

16, Cook-street, Liverpool

Oil works:

A Liverpool-based limited company formed to take ownership and develop the business of T.C. Gibson & Co., at Ramsey Oil Works, Isle of Man

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  • T. C. Gibson, Esq. Ramsay, Isle of Man, Chairman.
  • John Baker Edwards, Esq. F.C S. Liverpool.
  • W. T. Dixon. Esq. (Dixon ami Wynne.) Merchant, Liverpool.
  • J. S. Thomson, Esq. (Thomson, and Co.) Broker, Liverpool
  • Thomas J. Fennell. (Wakefield, Nash and Co.) Merchant, Liverpool.
  • James P. Mawdsley, Esq. (Mawdsley and Son) Liverpool.