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Frejus Oil Co. Ltd.

Company number:
A limited company limited in England, Company No: 27068

A company, registered in England in 1888, which was established to take over the interests of the Scottish-registered Boson Oil Company. Shareholders of the Boson company received an equivant number of shares in the Frejus company.

Additional capital was raised to extend and improve the Boson oil works, but it seems that operations remained unprofitable, and the plant and most other assets of the company were sold off in 1892.

  • Newspaper references
    • The subscription list for an issue if 600 preference shares of £5 each in the FREJUS OIL COMPANY opens to the public to-day, and will close tomorrow.

      Glasgow Herald 29th May 1888


      The first meeting of the FREJUS OIL COMPANY (LIMITED) is to be held on Thursday next week in London. Highly favourable reports as to the present condition and future prospects of the company will be presented, and we have been shown a report by an influential and well known gentleman who recently visited the works, which is satisfactory to the shareholders. The gentleman in question, speaking of the works and its appliances, says they "are better than any he ever saw at any Scotch oil-works," while the field of shale from what he saw "dispels the doubts he had regarding it." The whole machinery at present on the spot he expects will be at work next month, and he anticipates that the company will pay a dividend at an early period.

      Glasgow Herald 8th November 1888


      We hear from the Frejus Oil Company, Var, France, that since possession was obtained in September last attention has mainly been directed to developing and proving the property. So far everything points to an abundant supply of shale. The company is now raising nearly 50 tons per day from one pit, which gives in s practical working upwards of 56 gallons per ton of 20cwt. A perpendicular pit is being sunk, and it is down about 40 fathoms, and the men are breaking off a mine in good shale of 4ft. thick at a depth of 50 fathoms. The works and retorting capacity is being increased to meet the additional output. A considerable quantity of crude has been sold for gas-making purposes at upwards of £3 per ton. The books closed on 30th June, and the officials are busy completing a balance sheet, which will shortly be issued.

      The Glasgow Herald 26th July 1889



      Messrs Horncastle & Pember are instructed by the Trustee to the Debenture Holders to Sell by Auction at the Mart Tokenhouse Yard E.C. on Thursday January 26th. at Two precisely the Valuable CONCESSIONS of COAL and SHALE MINES with OIL MANUFACTURING and REFINING PLANT recently worked by the FREJUS OIL COMPANY (LIMITED) altnate in the Commune of FREJUS , district of DRAGUIGAN . VAR FRANCE . together with all the OUTBUILDINGS, LABOURER'S DWELLINGS , MACHINERY , PLANT &c. necessary for the complete carying out of the Mines. Particulars can be obtained at the Mart of Messrs. Simpson and Cullingford, Solicitors.

      The Scotsman, 12th January 1892