Alexander G. Keith

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Traveller for lamps and candles


Mr. Fraser reported that Mr. Alexander G. Keith, Traveller for Lamps and Candles in the Glasgow Area, has expressed his desire, owing to advancing years, to retire from service. Mr. Keith is now 75 years of age and has completed 52 years' service in the Scottish Mineral Oil Trade. He joined Young' s Paraffin Light &. Mineral Oil Co. Ltd. in 1877 and after filling positions in their offices in Glasgow and Dublin as Clerk and Cashier, was later appointed as outdoor representative and in 1919 was transferred to The Scottish Oil Agency, Limited. He has been most assiduous in carrying out all his duties. Mr. Fraser recommended that Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Company Ltd. , in whose employment he had served for the greater part of the period, should be asked to grant him a retiring allowance of £165 per annum, to which the Board agreed. This allowance along with his interest in the Anglo-Persian Provident Fund Trust, it is estimated, will give him a total of £200 per annum.

Meeting of Directors of the Scottish Oil Agency 26th March 1929. See full record 87241 page 85