John Galletly (c.1833-1908)

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John Galletly was employed at Young's Bathgate works in its early days, and then oversaw the assembly of the oil works at Mandal in Norway. He seems to have suffered financially as a consequence of this adventure, but was subsequently re-employed by Youngs and served for many years as chemist of the Addiewell oil works. Redwood drew upon John Galletly insight and experience of the oil industry when writing "Mineral Oils and their By-Products"

Newspaper References

Application for cessio bonorum

John Galletly, chemist, some time residing in Bathgate, presently prisoner in the prison of Edinburgh – Sheriff Court House, George IV bridge, Edinburgh 10th April at 12

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GALLETLY – January 31st at Muirhall Mains, West Calder, Jane Forsyth, wife of John Galletly, chemist, Young’s Paraffin Works.

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GALLETLY – at 13 Murieston Crescent on the 27th inst. JOHN GALLETLEY, chemist, aged 75, late of Young’s Oil Co. Ltd, Addiewell, West Calder, Private funeral.

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