William Eadie

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4 Garden City, East Calder

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Apprentice engineer

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William Eadie is included in the list of young men who left employment at Pumpherston works for military service. The note suggests that he joined the Navy on 15/01/1940, but was subsequently discharged.


See full record: R12-00283

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The marriage took place in Oakbank Hall on Saturday last of Mr William Eadie, 4 Garden City, East Calder, and Jean, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph McGregor, 78 Oakbank.

The bride, who wore a dress of white satin and carried a bouquet of sweet peas, was attended by her sister Betty, and a cousin, Miss Jean McKay, both of whom wore dresses of pink satin.

The groomsman was Mr Alex Hay, a cousin, and Rev. C. O. Allan, B. E. M., B. D., officiated.

The reception, which was largely attended, was held in the hall.

Mr Eadie served throughout the war in the Merchant Navy.

We offer the young couple our best wishes.

Midlothian Advertiser, 12 September 1947