An Attractive Tractor

Leyland tractors tested on Mosside farm

F18010, first published 9th March 2018

Our photograph, from the papers of the Chieftain Forge, shows some proud West Lothian products from the 1970’s. At that time the Chieftain Forge company still manufactured shovels and spades at their Bathgate forge, but were also major dealers of specialist machinery and equipment for the forestry and countryside industries.

The Leyland 270 tractor pictured was built at the BMC truck and tractor plant in Bathgate, fitted with a 70hp engine that was also designed and built in Bathgate. It appears to be fresh off the production line and carries a West Lothian “SX” registration number, dated 1972. The third axle and caterpillar track arrangement fitted to the tractor is presumably equipment supplied by Chieftain Forge, as would be the rough terrain trailer that it towed. The fireclay (or concrete?) land drain pipes carried in the trailer could also have been products of West Lothian industry.

The location might be Mosside farm, Bathgate, adjacent to the BMC plant, which was used as a training and demonstration centre for agricultural equipment.