Romance in Midcalder

An romantic exchange of postcards

F17028, first published 9th July 2017

These three delightful street scenes of Midcalder were recently acquired from a postcard collector in France and hint at an intriguing story.

All three cards were posted in Midcalder early in 1906 and addressed to Mons. Maurice Capel of 51 Rue de Paris, Amiens. They carry no message, as postal regulations at that time only permitted “inland communication” by postcard. Nevertheless the spidery script on the front of card clearly identifies the sender as Miss Meg. D. Nairn, and a cross above the villa in School lane will doubtless have been significant.

The 1901 census records Margaret D. Nairn, then aged 15, living in High Street, Midcalder. Daughter of a shale miner, she was the youngest of the family of five girls and one boy.

Nothing is known of exotic monsieur Maurice and how he came to meet a Midcalder lassie, but the postcards were obviously valued and cared for, which has ensured their survival.