Seedy Business in West Calder

The Lavex Manufacturing Company,

F17003, first published 10th March 2017

We’ve a lovely deco-style tin of Lavex Cold Water Hand Soap, manufactured by the Lavex Manufacturing Company of West Calder, which still contains a brown granular substance (presumably sesame seeds) in a soapy base. The directions on the tin describe how “Lavex will remove, with cold water, any kind of grime or dirt, is pleasant to use, and leave the skin comfortably smooth, clean and fresh”. No doubt that’s why all the folks in West Calder had such lovely soft hands.

A 1940’s postcard shows an enameled sign advertising this local product in West Calder Main Street.

We’ve also an illustrated pamphlet telling “the success story of the sesame compounds” which describes how Lavex compost and horticultural products were made from local peat, local sharp sand, and sesame seed products. The price list included in the pamphlet is dated 1952.

Does anyone know anything more about the Lavex Manufacturing Company, and the great business minds behind West Calder’s sesame seed empire?

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