Serious Fire at Uphall Oil Works, 1908

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The Scotsman
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Serious Fire at Uphall Oil Works

Estimated Damage, £10,000

About six o’clock last night a fire broke out in Uphall Oil Works, belonging to Young’s Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Company (Limited), and caused damage estimated at about £10,000. It is not known what caused the outbreak, as it was discovered about half an hour after the men had stopped work. It originated, it is supposed, in the glueing shed adjoining the cooperage, from which it spread rapidly to the filling house, where about 200 barrels of oil were standing ready for dispatch, and these fed the fire to a great degree. The dispatch office and the loading bank caught fire, and then the bleaching house, containing a large number of settling vats filled with oil, became ignited. All these buildings were destroyed. Four stock tanks, the capacity of which was over 20,000 gallons each, next caught fire, and were also destroyed. Fortunately the wind kept in a favourable direction, and the fire was confined to the west end of the works.

The work of the company will be dislocated owing to the fact that facilities for finishing the oil and dispatching it are practically destroyed. Coming as the fire does, at the busiest part of the season, it is most unfortunate for the company, as well as for the workmen who will be affected.

The fire was seen for miles round the district, and the scene was visited by large crowds of people. The damage is covered by insurance.

The Scotsman, 4th November 1908