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Black and white group photograph of bowling trophy presentation with Mrs Caldwell (wife of William Caldwell, Mining Manager at Pumpherston Oil Company) front row, far left and Mary Hardie (mother of donor) 2nd row, 2nd from left. Circa 1950s. Photograph was donated by Charles Hardie, son of Thomas Millar Hardie and Mary Hardie, the subjects of the photographs and documents in this collection of objects. Thomas Millar Hardie worked at Pumpherston Works from 1939-1941 when he left to join the Royal Navy during WWII. He then returned to work at Pumpherston from 1946 to 1961 when he left due to ill health. He then took the shale oil company to court blaming his work for the company in the paraffin sheds as the cause for his skin complaints and his need to stop working there. A Medical Tribunal was held, but Mr Hardie lost his case.