Image Code Title Type Description
P1020073 Blackburnhall File Record Blackburnhall farm, 24/04/2021
Take-off, photographed at close to the site of Ingliston No.36 & 37 pits
P1050300 Ingliston File Record Aircraft taking off close to the site of Ingliston No.36 & 37 pit
Iron-stained pools beneath the trees of Hallyards wood - probably the consequence of mining subsidence.
P1050316 Hallyards File Record Areas of subsidence in Hallyards wood
A scatter of dressed stones is all that remains of Hallyards Castle, the 17th century mansion that would once have stood on a gentle mound overlooking the carselands. The ruined building was said to have been affected by mining subsidence and was demolish
P1050324 Hallyards File Record Site of Hallyards Castle
Route of railway, looking east from the point that the line would have crossed the Hallyards to West Ingliston Road
P1050330 Hallyards File Record Course of mineral railway where it crossed the road from Hallyards to Wester Ingliston
P1050719 View of Woodmuir colliery File Record general view of Woodmuir colliery
P1050725 Woodmuir farm File Record Derelict housing at Woodmuir farm
P1050830 Route of railway at Woodmuir File Record Route of railway to Woodmuir pits and quarry
P1050849 Linn bridge File Record Linn bridge on A705 viewed from near woodmuir quarry
P1050886 Covered reservoir near Woodmuir File Record Covered reservoir near Woodmuir