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Ferguson & Muschamp

1854 or earlier
August 1854
Registered office:

Not known

Oil works:

A seemingly short-lived partnership that operated in Wareham (presumably as proprietors of Wareham Oil Works) during 1854. John Bell Muschamp had diverse business interests and was partner in Bainbridge's of Newcastle, one of Britain's first department stores. It is possible that operations at Wareham were associated with Muschamp's interests in the India rubber industry and the manufacture of waterproof fabrics.

  • Newspaper references
    • NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership if any, hitherto subsisting between us the undersigned, John Bell Muschamp, James John Newnam, Matthias Edward Bowra, and Edwin Tomlinson, as India Rubber Manufacturers, at Barnseray, in the county of Kent, has been dissolved by mutual consent, as from the 16th day of August, 1853, so far as concerns the said ' James John Newnam and Matthias Edward Bowra.— Dated this 16th day of August, 1853. James John Newnam. J. B. Muschamp. Matthias Edwd. Bowra. Edwin Tomlinson

      The London Gazette, 19th August 1853


      Provisional patent dated October 19th 1853 – No. 2406 Gustavus Gidley of Robert street Hoxton and John Bell Muschamp of Claremont House Kensington for an improvement in making India rubber solution for waterproofing cloths or other articles without the offensive smell produced by the use of naphtha turpentine oils &c

      The London Gazette, 20th October 1853


      TAKE notice, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between John Bell Muschamp, Edwin Tomlinson, Josiah Stokes, and Richard William Young, under the style or firm of E. Tomlinson and Co., as Naptha Manufacturers, at No. 16,-Ironmonger-lane, in the city of London and Mill-wall, Poplar, in the county of Middlesex, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent, this dissolution not to affect the partnership now existing between John Bell Muschamp and Edwin Tomlinson, under the style or firm of E. Tomlinson and Co., carried on by them at Barnes Cray, Crayford, Kent.—Dated this 21st day of July, 1854. J. B. Muschamp. Josiah Stokes. E. Tomlinson, Richard William Young

      The London Gazette, 25th July 1854


      NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership (if any) hitherto subsisting -between us the undersigned, Thomas Scott Turnball and. John Bell Muschamp, as Drapers, at No. 122, High-street, Bishopwearmouth, in the county of Durham, has been dissolved by mutual consent, as from the 18th day of April, 1854. Dated this 26th day of May, 1854. J. B. Muschamp. Thos. S. Turnball

      The London Gazette, 28th May 1854


      WE, the undersigned, Edwin Tomlinson and John Bell Muschamp, now carrying on the business of India Rubber Manufacturers at Barns Cray, Cray ford, in the county of Kent, and No. 16, Ironmonger-lane, in the city of London, as copartners, do hereby dissolve such copartnership this day, by mutual consent, and such business will be carried on by the said Edwin Tom!inson, at the places aforesaid ; and all debts and liabilities due to the late firm will be paid by the said Edwin Tomlinson.—Dated this 1st day of August, 1854. Edwin Tomlinson. J. B. Muschamp

      The London Gazette, 8th August 1854


      WE the undersigned, Joseph Henry Ferguson and John Bell Muschamp, now carrying on business in Copartnership at Wareham, in the county of Dorset, as Chemical Manufacturers and Merchants, have this day dissolved the said copartnership by mutual consent.—Dated this 28th day of August, 1854. J. H. Ferguson. J. B. Muschamp

      The London Gazette, 29th August 1854