Anthony Fairley

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10 Cousland Terrace, Seafield

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Westwood pit accident books record the following references:

  • 01-02-1957, accident to Anthony Fairley, Labourer, of 10 Cousland Terrace, Seafield.

See full record: LVSAV 1990.030.017

Newspaper References

Motor Cycle Offence

Anthony Fairley (18), 10 Cousland Terrace, Seafield, pleaded guilty by letter to having on the 9th February on Edinburgh Road, Bathgate, being a provisional license holder, (1) carried a passenger on a motor cycle to which a sidecar was not attached when the passenger was not qualified; and (2) had not "L" plates. A fine of £5 or thirty days was imposed on the first charge, and a fine of £3 or twenty days on the second charge.

West Lothian Courier, 1 April 1960