Scottish shale Scottish shale

Cooper, Adams & Mellor

1865 or earlier
post 1916
Oil works:

A partnership successively known as Cooper, Adams & Mellor, Cooper, Adams and Wilson, and Cooper & Adams


  • John Adams
  • Lewis Cooper
  • William Mellor (retired 1876)
  • Henry Wilson

  • Newspaper references
    • NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, JOHN ADAMS, LEWIS COOPER, WILLIAM MELLOR, and HENRY WILSON, carrying on business at Stanfield, near Burslem in the county of Stafford, as Oil Manufacturers, under the style or firm of Cooper, Adams, and Mellor, has this day been DISSOLVED by mutual consent, so far as regards the said William Mellor, who has this day retired from the concern. All debts due to and owing by the said partnership will be received and paid the said John Adams, Lewis Cooper, and Henry Wilson by whom the business will future be carried on under the style or firm of Cooper, Adams, and Wilson. witnessed at our hands this day 22nd. February 1876. JOHN ADAMS. WILLIAM MELLOR. HENRY WILSON, LEWIS COOPER. Signed by the said John Adams, William Mellor, and Henry Wilson, in the presence of Mason Julian, Solicitor, Wedgwood Chambers, Burslem. Signed by the said Lewis Cooper, in presence of Geo. Phillips, Clerk to Mr. Julian.

      The Staffordshire Sentinel and Commercial & General Advertiser, 27th February 1876