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Sneyd Colliery Co. Ltd.

Share capital:
Post 1875
Registered office:

Not known

Oil works:

A company formed to take over the interests of C & J May (in receivership in1875), including the Sneyd Oil Works. It is unclear whether the Sneyd Colliery Company was constituted as a limited company as suggested (see below).

The Sneyd Oil and Chemical Works Co. Ltd was incorporated in 1884 with a share capital of £5,000. It is unclear whether this enterprise had any connection with Sneyd Oil Works, Burslem.

  • Newspaper references
    • Sneyd Colliery, Burlem. - Yesterday afternoon meeting of colliery proprietors and others was held the Railway Hotel, Stoke, to consider a proposal to form a limited liability company for the purpose of working the Sneyd Colliery, Burslem. Mr. W. F. Gordon was chairman. A prospectus was submitted which showed that it was proposed to raise a capital of £50,000 in 500 shares £100 each. The company proposed to be formed for the purpose of taking over the whole interest of Messrs. C. and J May the Sneyd Colliery, Burslem, inclusive of the fire-brick, tile, quarry, marl, oil, and lime works. The colliery contains in a ring fence upwards 160 acres. By means of the pits already operation, it is calculated that upwards of 1,500,000 tons of coal, and 300,000 tons of ironstone (in the calcined state) are producible, and by extension of the plant the Norton section of the mines would, at a comparatively moderate outlay be recovered. These comprise all the best housefire and steam coals in the district, and the quantity getable, from the many various seams to be worked, practically inexhaustible within the duration of the present or an extended lease. In addition the coal and ironstone works there are large and well-arranged firebrick, quarry, and sanitary pipe works, and an oil distillery erected at an outlay over £5,000. Information was afforded as to various matters incident to the movement. Mr. J. Lucas (of the Silverdale Works) gave information respecting the colliery workings, Ac. The proposal seemed to be received with considerable favour.

      The Staffordshire Sentinel, 1st December 1874