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Wester Breich Syndicate Ltd.

Company number:
Registered in Scotland No. 4857
Share capital:
Registered office:

114, George St. Edinburgh

The Wester Breich Syndicate was formed in June 1901, "to develop the estate and minerals of Wester Breich, Linlithgow, and enter into agreement with the New Hermand Oil Company; capital, £6000, in £1 shares; no invitation is to be issued to the public to subscribe."

At a time when the New Hermand Oil Co. Ltd was struggling to resuscitate the fortunes of Breich oil works, a group of the company's supporters formed the Wester Breich Syndicate to secure the minerals of the Wester Briech estate in the expectation of making these available to the oil company at a later date. The New Hermand Oil Co. failed in 1903, and the syndicate sold their assets to the Pumpherston Oil Co. Ltd in 1906

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