Scottish shale Scottish shale

Baads (lands)

West Calder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian

This large estate was divided into three areas. Oil shale occured in the northern most of these, rocks of the coal measures lay beneath the other areas. Young's PL&MO Co. worked the Hurlet coal to fuel their oilworks.

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    Annotation on 1870's plan

    Land owned by Miss Douglas. - Minerals in northern area let to Young's Oil Co., minerals not let in other parts.

    Archive records

    Leasee Owner Start date End date Relinquished date Full reference
    Young's PL&MO Co. Ltd 1877 215852 (page77)
    Young's PL&MO Co. Ltd Aretus Akers Douglas 1884 1903 1889 215852 (page 77)
    Young's PL&MO Co. Ltd. (shale) Lord Chilston 1938 1969 213942, 1 of 6
    Young's PL&MO Co. Ltd (coal) Lord Chilston 1938 1969 213942, 1 of 6

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