Scottish shale Scottish shale

West Torbane (lands)

Bathgate, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian

Annotation on 1870's plan - Land owned by Johnston Esq. - Minerals not let.



To be Let, for such number of Years as may be agreed on, with Immediate Entry, THE MINERALS in the LANDS of WEST TORBANE, in the Parish of Bathgate, extending to 22 ½ Acres or thereby. The well-known and very valuable “Torbanehill Mineral" has been found and worked in all the adjoining Properties, and its existence in the above Lands has been proved by Bores, &c. The Lands contain also Gas and Common Coal, Blackband and other Iron Ores, Shale, Limestone, Fireclay. There are ample railway facilities in the immediate neighbourhood. Further information will be furnished and Offers received by William Johnston, Solicitor, Bathgate, until the 31st inst. If preferred, the Proprietor will be prepared to treat for Sale of the whole Minerals in the Lands. Bathgate, 12th July 1872.

Falkirk Herald 18th July 1872