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Chatterley Oil Works

Former parish and county:
Parish of Tunstall, County of Stafford, England
Local authority:
City of Stoke-on-Trent
Chatterley Oil Company?
Chatterley Iron Co. Ltd.
Chatterley-Whitfield Collieries Ltd
Post 1892
Current status of site:
The site lies beneath an approach road to A800


A substantial crude oil works, operating in association with the Chatterley Coal and Iron Works.

Mapped by the Ordnance Survey of c.1876, showing oil works associated with Chattley ironworks and Chattley brick and iron works.

Number of retorts: not known.

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    • BURSLEM BOARD OF HEALTH ...and also the Chatterley Oil Company, be called to the refuse which flowed from their works into the Fowlea Brook, having in view the desirableness of their discountinuing the nuisance as early as possible

      Staffordshire Sentinel, 7th May 1874


      Strange Charge of Shooting.... Enoch Foster said that on Saturday night he was engaged watching the oil works at Chatterley, for his father, who lived at Greenfields....

      Staffordshire Sentinel, 11th January 1875


      FIRE AT THE CHATTERLEY OIL WORKS. Chatterley Iron Company Limited beg to beg to tender the SINCERE THANKS to all the Fire Brigades and their workmen, Neighbours, and Friends, who so readily and nobly risked their lives in their efforts to subdue the late fire- J. R. WAIN, Secretary. Tunstall, 16th February 1878.

      Staffordshire Sentinel, 19th February 1878


      Fire.—Another fire occurred at the Chatterley Oil Works, on Tuesday night. About six o'clock one of the stills containing unrefined oil, burst, but through the exertions of the men on the place, under the superintendence of Mr. Islam, the manager, the flames were extinguished by applying sand to the burning liquid, just before eight o'clock, at which time the Tunstall fire brigade arrived, but happily their services were not required

      Staffordshire Sentinel, 24th November 1880


      WOLSTANTON AND BURSLEM RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY........He had visited the oil and chemical works at Chatterley several times, and the foul water had been stopped from flowing into the brook, and preparations were being made to deal with the same.

      Staffordshire Sentinel and Commercial & General Advertiser, 20th August 1881