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Coppa Oil Co. Ltd.

Company number:
Share capital:
13th February 1864
Registered office:

Perhaps Birmingham?

Oil works:

A limited company formed to take ownership of the Coppa Oil Works which were previously operated as a private concern by the individuals who were the first directions of the new company.

The articles of association of the company state;

The Directors shall do all necessary acts for vesting in the Company the benefit, and transferring to the said Company the liability of Messieurs Thomas Short the Younger and Matthias Royce Griffin, under an Agreement in writing dated the third day of February 1864 made between Henry Griffiths, Richard Griffiths, and Robert Griffiths on one part and them the said Thomas Short the Younger and Matthias Royce Griffin of the other (being an agreement to sell and purchase, for a sum of £6,000, of oil works and premises at Coppa, near Mild, in the County of Flint, and plant thereon, and for granting of a lease of surface land on which the said works stand, and of a railway siding running from the said works in the Frith Branch of the L&NWR, near Padeswood, for the term of 21 years from the first day of February 1864 at a yearly rent of £85, and for sale and purchase of Cannel Coal), and shall procure, join in, and execute all necessary conveyances, assignments, transfers, leases, or other assurances for carrying out the intent of the said agreement,"

For a period this major undertaking was engaged in a national trade in oil products. On wind up of the limited company in 1871, the business was taken forward by the Coppa Oil Company, a partnership of Thomas Short the younger, Matthias Royce Griffith (both previously directors of the limited company) and John Thompson.

Directors were:

  • Thomas Short, the younger
  • Matthias Royce Griffin
  • Henry Griffiths

Subscribers were:

  • Thomas Short, the Younger of The Grove, Harborne, Staffordshire
  • Mattias Royce Griffin, of Arandell? House, Handsworth, Staffordshire, Coffee Merchant
  • Henry Griffiths of Mount George? Edgbaston, Warwickshire
  • Arthur Robottom, of 93 County? Rd. Birmingham, Warwickshire, Merchant
  • Marmaduke William Osbourne of the Oaklands, Selly Oak, Worcestershire, Merchant
  • Robert Large? Baker, of 113 High St., Bordesley, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Surgeon?
  • Henry Rotton of Fernside, Moseley, Kings Norton, Worcestershire, Banker