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George Henry Birkbeck

Pre 1863
Post 1867
Registered office:

Not known

The firm of George Henry Birkbeck is listed in the 1868 Slater's trade directory as having works at Padeswood. The 1880 edition of Slater's trade directory lists G.H. Birkbeck at proprietor of Coppa Oil Works.

George Henry Birkbeck of Coppa Park, Flintshire was elected to the Institute of Civil Engineers on 7th March 1843.

  • Newspaper references
      BIRKBECK, Geo, Henry., Southampton-buidings, Chancery-la, and Adolphe WEX, Victoria-rd, Hornsey Rise, as mnfrs of mineral oil, at Coppa, nr. Mold - 24th Aug.

      Perry's Bankrupt Gazette, 26th September 1863


      BIRKBECK George Henry and James Francis Braidwood, mineral oil refiners, Padeswood, in Mold, 22d Aug.

      Perry's Bankrupt Gazette; 21st September 1867