Scottish shale Scottish shale

C.H. Earp & Co.

Pre 1865
Registered office:

New Street, Mold ?

An advertisment in the Liverpool Daily Post, of the 6th August 1866 offered for sale the entire plant and newly-erected works per C.H. Earp, Cefn Oil Works, Ruabon.

C.H. Earp & Co. Oil Merchants, Mold, are amongst the signatories of a petition dated February 1865. Charles Henry Earp, (described as a merchant based at New St., Mold), is listed among the subscribers to the Padeswood Oil Co. Ltd in January 1865.

Earp & Co were also referred to in a court case in 1867 concerning the rail transport of oil barrels between oil works in Staffordshire to Stirling, presumably for refining at the Forth Bank Oil Works.

  • Newspaper references
    • Charles Henry Earp, of Mold, in the county of Flint, Mineral Oil Merchant, having been adjudged bankrupt, under a Petition for adjudication of Bankruptcy filed in Her Majesty's Court of Bankruptcy for the Liverpool District, on the 5th day of July, 1866, is hereby required to surrender himself to one of the Registrars of the said Court, at the first meeting of creditors to be held before the said Registrar, on the 30th day of July instant, at eleven of the clock

      The London Gazette, 17th July 1866