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Padeswood - Minor Oil Works

Former parish and county:
Parish of Buckley, County of Flint, Wales
Local authority:
Pre 1868
Post 1868
Current status of site:
Most sites now within Padeswood golf course.


The first edition (c.1869) OS map show an "Oil Works" (presumably Padeswood Oil Works) and Mold Valley Oil Works immediately adjoining Padeswood Station.

Slightly to the south various buildings are marked which might represent the retort benches of further small-scale oil works;

  • A group of three buildings labelled "Chemical Works" (53.150761, -3.082038)
  • Three long structures, in various shapes, immediately east of the mineral railway to Leeswood Vale (53.150342, -3.082989)
  • Two long structures on the west side of the mineral railway close to the Grand Stand public house. (53.150296, -3.084203)

The 1868 Slater's trade directory lists (in addition to the Padeswood and Mold Valley works), the following oil manufacturers located at Padeswood:

It remains unclear which of these firms (if any) relate to these various premises. A sales notice of 1871 (see below) indicated that the firm of Joseph Turner & Co., the proprietors of Queensferry Oil Works, had also operated oil works at Padeswood.

Mapped by the Ordnance Survey of c.1869, showing Padeswood and Mold Valley oil works, and to the south of these perhaps up to three.

Number of retorts: unknown.

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  • Newspaper references
    • At another small works in the immediate vicinity (of the Padeswood Oil Works), Messrs Ness and Griffiths are carrying on a coal oil distillation. Mr Ness is good enough to dispute the £4 per ton profit, and advices that he will supply the ten tons a week which these works produce at £2 per ton profit.

      From Rylands Iron Trade Circular, reprinted in The Wrexham Advertiser, 6th January 1866. See full text.


      PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.- BIRKBECK George Henry and James Francis Braidwood, mineral oil refiners, Padeswood, in Mold, 22d Aug.

      Perry's Bankrupt Gazette, 21st September 1867


      Joseph Turner, of Queens Ferry is giving up the Oil Business at Padeswood to sale by auction on Monday September 11th commencing at 11 o'clock am to the minute. The whole of costly and modern plant and machinery including retorts, condensers, revolvers, and necessary appliances, horizontal steam engine, 3ft stroke with Cornish Boiler and fittings, separators, pipes and receiving tanks, large brick covered tanks with lids and separator, large cast-iron stove etc.

      Wrexham Adveriser, 2nd September 1871