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Tryddyn Oil Works

Former parish and county:
Parish of Tryddyn, County of Flint, Wales
Local authority:
Pre 1866
Pre 1868
Current status of site:


The location and history of the Tryddyn oil works is unclear, and it may be that more than one oil work sites were referred to as "Tryddyn Oil Works".

Tryddyn (now known as Treuddyn) is a hamlet about a mile south west of Pontybodkin. Tryddyn parish extends over a large area that was extensively worked for coal, lead, and other minerals, and was site of iron and brick works. By 1858, the partnership of Haworth & Thompson were working main coal at Tryddyn Colliery. This firm appear to have promoted the Tryddyn Oil & Coke Co. Ltd in 1863, which in turn was subsumed into the Flintshire Oil & Cannel Oil Co, formed in 1864. Shareholders of the new company were soon to regret this involvement, as promised reserves of cannel failed to materilise. The prospectus of the Flintshire O&COCo. makes no reference to an oil works at Tryddyn.

A sale of freehold property, advertised in June 1866, makes to reference to;

"an Oil Manufactory........, now in the occupation of Messrs Haworth and Thompson, and situated between the brook running at the back of the above-mentioned lots, and the Railway of Messrs Haworth and Co. See full reference.

The Tryddyn Lodge Colliery branch, coloured yellow, is presumably the "railway of Messrs Haworth & Co."; there appears few likely sites for an oil works between the railway and the brook (coloured blue). The 1868 sales notice (see references below) describes Tryddyn Oil Works as adjoining the Tryddyn colliery siding; suggesting a site somewhere within the area shown on the map (above).

Number of retorts: Unknown.

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    • Gentlemen,— l beg most respectfully to inform the Board that I have inspected the Paraffin Oil Works at Tryddyn, and found a pipe conveying away the waste or gas into the brook connected with the river Alyn. I took a sample of this waste, which I can produce before the Board if called for. I believe if this gas or waste is allowed to continue, it will be dangerous to the health of the poor people in the Rossett who have to drink the river Alyn water. I may state that there are 25 houses in Anwoods- lane which are obliged to drink the river water, as there is no pump for clean use in that lane.

      Note: A letter written to the newspaper following this report indicated that these comments referred to Pontybodkin oil works.

      Wrexham Advertiser, 15th December 1866


      James Mayer of Tryddyn Oil Works. At the Liverpool Bankruptcy Court, on Thursday, the 30th ult., this bankrupt passed his first examination and obtained his immediate discharge. He attributed his failure to the greatly depressed state of the mineral oil trade in the county of Flint.

      Wrexham Advertiser, 1st February 1868


      TRYDDYN OIL WORKS, NEAR MOLD, FOR SALE. By order of the Mortagees and Asignee in Bankruptcy.

      To be SOLD BY AUCTION, MR. THOMAS DEAN, the Tryddyn Oil Works, near the Padeswood Station, on the Chester and Mold Railway, on Monday, the 9th day of March, 1868. Half-past One for Two o'clock in the afternoon, either one or more lots, as may be agreed upon as the time of sale, and subject to such conditions of sale will be then and there produced, all the interest of the bankrupt of and in all that piece or parcel of LAND, situated at Tryddyn, near Mold, in the county of Flint, adjoining the Tryddyn Colliery railway siding, containing lr. 12p. or thereabouts, together with the Buildings thereon, and together with the Retorts, Tanks, and all other, the Plant, Utensils and Implements, now in and upon the said piece or parcel of land, and known as the Tryddyn Oil Works. The premises are held for the residue a term of 21 years, granted on the 25th day of January, 1855, at the low annual rental of 15s. The premises can be seen upon application, and for further particulars apply to Messrs. Wilde, Humphrey, and Belger, Solicitors. 21, College Hill, London ; Mr. John P. Cartwriqht, Solicitor, Chester; and to the Auctioneer at Mold.

      Chester Chronicle, 7th March 1868


      To be disposed of by Private Treaty, the lessees interest in the plot of land suitate at Tryddyn, know as the site of "Tryddyn Oil Works", containing 1 r 12p, or thereabouts. The plot is detached, having good natural boundaries and is very favourably situated for cottages. - Apply Mr. LEDWARD, Crypt Chambers, Chester, or to Mr. John P. CARTWRIGHT, solicitor, Bridge-street Row, East, Chester.

      Wrexham Advertiser, 5th December 1868