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Aboyne oil depot

Former parish and county:
Parish of Aboyne and Glentanar, County of Aberdeen
Local authority:


  • AR0721 (record missing) - Document, dated 1912, between Young's PLMO Co. and Great North of Scotland Railway regarding conditions for laying of pipes connecting storage tank at Macduff station , and pipe to connect storage tank at Aboyne station.
  • Note regarding agreement between Young's PLMO Co. and Great North of Scotland Railway regarding storage tanks at Macduff station. See 215853 page 344

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    • Aboyne's "Death Trap."

      The conversion of a dangerous turning the road into a death trap, and the depreciation of value of dwelling-houses were advanced as reasons for refusing an application by the Scottish Oil Agency to erect a motor spirit depot at Aboyne. The Clerk submitted correspondence on the application, and a petition against the proposed erection from proprietors and feuars of land surrounding the proposed site of the depot.

      The petition declared that such an erection the residential quarter of Aboyne was very undesirable from every point of view. In particular, the erection of a dangerous and inflammable building in close proximity to dwelling houses would seriously depreciate the value property.

      In his letter the District Surveyor said the site of the erection of an oil and spirit store on the Aberdeen-Ballater road was unsatisfactory. They had there a sufficiently dangerous corner already, and thc erection of the store would convert it into death trap. The Sanitary Inspector's letter showed that the proposed methods of dealing with the sewerage from the depot were unsatisfactory.

      Mr James Mearns, supporting the petition of protest, said almost every resident in Aboyne would have signed the protest if asked. The owner of the ground on which it was proposed to erect the depot would not suffer any hardship if the application was refused, as an equivalent had been offered. It was decided, following the approval of the Ministry of Transport, to object to the application.

      Aberdeen Press and Journal, 11th June 1928