Scottish shale Scottish shale

Ballinluig oil depot

Former parish and county:
Logierait parish, Perthshire
Local authority:
Perth and Kinross


  • Scottish Oil Agency Ltd signed agreement with LMS Railway for pipeline facilities at Ballinluig depot in 1930. See full record 183530 page 80
  • Agreement between Scottish Oils Ltd and Duke of Atholl over ground for depot at Ballinluig.3rd May 1930 1 See 183530 page 120
  • Ground was leased by the Scottish Oil Agency Ltd from the Duke of Atholl in 1930 for the purposes of a bulk motor spirit and oil depot. Building and fences were to have a camouflaged final coat of paint. See full record 183530 page 143

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      There now under construction at Ballinluig an extensive new bulk depot for the supply of petrol, burning oil and power oil. over a wide radius. The depot is being erected by the Scottish Oil Agency Ltd., Glasgow, the selling organisation in Sootland for Scottish Shale Companies, and for tho Anglo- Persian, Oil Co., Ltd.

      Dundee Evening Telegraph, 12th May 1930


      Oil Distributing Depot at Ballinluig.


      There is now under construction at Ballinluig an extensive new bulk depot for the supplying of petrol, burning and power oils over a wide radius in the district. The depot is being erected by the Scottish Oil Agency, Ltd., Glasgow, the selling organisation in Scotland for the Scottish Shale Companies and for the Anglo-Persian. Two bulk steel storage tanks weighing two tons each, 35 feet long and 9 feet in diameter, and capable of holding 14.000 gallons of petrol and parrafin are being installed.

      A motor spirit store is also being erected and a pump house in connection therewith. A large garage to accommodate the ten ton delivery vans is also under construction as well as an office for the official in charge. The buildings are being substantially built with cement and brick foundations and steel and corrugated iron sides and roofs, and the entire feu of about half an acre leased from the Duke of Atholl, is to be enclosed with high steel corrugated fence. A substantial entrance roadway, is in course of being made. The products handled at Ballinluig, which is an excellent central delivery station, will comprise the long established paraffin oil and motor spirit made from shale, in addition to the well.known B.P. spirit and B.P. commercial spirit, produced from Persian crude oil.

      The various products will reach Ballinluig in railway tanks of from 12 to 15 tone capacity. From those tanks the oil will be transferred to the large steel tanks from a surface box to he erected to the south of the north cabin at Ballinluig. The oil will be delivered to consumers by road in up•to-dale motor tanks. The building is under the charge of the wellknown firm of general contractors, Messrs Wm. Duff & Sons. Dallraoich, Strathtay.

      Perthshire Advertiser, 17th May 1930



      Victim of Farming Accident

      The appointment of Mr John M'Laren, Kildallachan, Ballinluig, as checker at the new office of the bulk depot for the Scottish Oil Agency. Ltd., at Ballinluig. is hailed vith extreme satisfaction by his many friends in the Atholl district.

      Mr M'Laren was eight years ago the victim of unfortunate accident in the hay field, having one his legs severed over the ankle by a hay mower machine, which in measure, incapacitates him for many types of employment, and the post which he has been successful in getting is especially well adapted to the limited means of locomotion which the loss of a limb entails. The three large tanks introduced, capable of holding 14,000 gallons each, were of by the Scottish Oil Agency Co.. Ltd., filled up with the different oils disposed last week.

      Dundee Evening Telegraph, 28th July 1930