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Kingussie oil depot

Former parish and county:
Kingussie and Inch, Invernesshire
Local authority:


  • The Secretary submitted new leases for sites for depots at the following stations on the Highland Railway in subsitution of the leases at present held my members: Wick, Invergordon, Elgin, Thurso, Dingwall, Kingussie, Tain, Inverness, Pitlochry. Minutes of the Scottish Oil Agency Ltd. 2nd June 1919, See: 215765 page 196.
  • Scottish Oil Agency Ltd signed agreement with LMS Railway for pipeline facilities at Kingussie depot in 1927. See full record 183530 page 79
  • Lease by the Scottish Oil Agency Ltd, dated 1928, of land to be used for the erection of a motor spirit and oil depot. See full record 183530 page 96

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      Petition for Oil Depot Plans Refused.

      The question of amenity figured in a discussion Kingussie Town Council, sitting as Dean of Guild Court, on a petition and plans for the construction at the west-end, at approximate cost of £1700. of a motor spirit and oil depot for the Scottish Oil Agency

      Several of the abutting feuars lodged objection against the proposed building, and other house proprietors in the vicinity indicated objections to the proposal, on the ground that it would injure the amenities of that part of the town and seriously affect the letting of their houses to summer visitors.

      Mr. Shinnie. solicitor, who appeared for Scottish Oil Company, said the plans met all statutory requirements. The Agency would meet the wishes of the Dean Guild as far as is possible, and would not display advertisements on the buildings. The superior had considered the matter very carefully and found that a suitable site could not be found elsewhere. Baillie Crerar asked if they were looking to the interests of the burgh if they allowed them to go on. Councillor Macpherson said there was no other ? Every burgh in the country had such buildings. Councillor Simpson pointed out that if placed there it would have the effect of depreciating the value of properties in the area

      Colonel Campbell said the buildings should be erected behind the railway station, where they would not be conspicuous.

      Councillor Dallas - We must be consistent. The appearance of the buildings will be better than that of the power station which we passed.

      Baillie Campbell moved that the petition refused, and Provost Gibson seconded. Councillor Dallas moved that the petition granted, but got. no seconder, and the Provost declared motion carried. Mr Shinnie intimated that steps would taken to appeal against the Council's decision.

      Aberdeen Press and Journal, 16th April 1928



      Scottish Oil Agency Appeal to Court Session.

      Sitting at Dean of Guild Court, Kingussie Town Council have now passed the petition and plans they had recently refused—of the Scottish Oil Agency, Ltd., Glasgow for the erection of a motor spirit and oil depot at the west end of the town between the railway and the Perth-Inverness road. At their previous sitting the Court received and sustained objection from an adjacent feuar that the construction would spoil the amenities of that part of the town. Intimation had been received that the Scottish Oil Agency had appealed to the First Division of the Court of Session in the matter, and the Clerk intimated that the objections to the buildings by the abutting feuar had been withdrawn. On the motion Councillor Macpherson, seconded Baillie Dewar, the Court agreed to pass the plans tor the oil depot.

      Aberdeen Press and Journal , 7th May 1928