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Inverness oil depot

Former parish and county:
Parish of Inverness and Bona, County of Inverness
Local authority:
Current status of site:
Site remains in use as an oil depot

The address of early depots was given as 4-6 Longman Road Inverness. The Scottish Oils & Shell Mex depot was a rail-connected site near the waterfrom at Shore St. Citadel, close to the rival Anglo-American oil depot.


  • Oil tanks, presumably associated with railway sidings, recorded as installed by the Oakbank Oil Co. Ltd, see 183530 page 137.
  • The Secretary submitted new leases for sites for depots at the following stations on the Highland Railway in subsitution of the leases at present held my members: Wick, Invergordon, Elgin, Thurso, Dingwall, Kingussie, Tain, Inverness, Pitlochry. Minutes of the Scottish Oil Agency Ltd. 2nd June 1919, See: 215765 page 196.
  • Lease to the Scottish Oil Agency Ltd from the Highland Railway of land for a bulk motor spirit and oil depot, dated 1920. See full record 183530 page 108.

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