Scottish shale Scottish shale

Kilmarnock oil depot

Former parish and county:
Parish of Kilmarnock, County of Ayr
Local authority:
East Ayrshire


  • AR0721 (record missing) - Correspondence, dated 1913 -1914, between Young's PLMO Co. and Glasgow & South Western Railway regarding ground for oil storage depots at Kilmarnock, Sanquhar, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, and Girvan.
  • AR0721 (record missing) - Correspondence, dated 1914, between Young's PLMO Co. and Dick Bros.regarding garage of motor road wagon at Kilmarnock
  • Note of agreement between Young's PLMO Co. and Glasgow and South Western Railway over oil storage tank at St. Marnock's depot, dated 1915, 215853 page 384
  • Scottish Oil Agency Ltd signed agreement with LMS Railway for pipeline facilities at Kilmarnock depot in 1927. See full record 183530 page 79
  • Scottish Oil Agency lease dated 1928 for a half acre of ground at Kilmarnock to be used as a bulk motor spirit and oil depot.See full record 183530 page 98

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