Scottish shale Scottish shale

Cleghorn oil depot

Former parish and county:
Parish of Lanark, County of Lanark
Local authority:
South Lanarkshire


  • The Scottish Oil Agency Ltd agreed a lease in 1925 for a piece of ground at Cleghorn. See full record 183530 page 52, Agreement of water supply, 1925. See full record 183530 page 82
  • AGREEMENT OF LEASE.- It was reported that on 18th August 1925 , Minute of Leasse between Mrs.Mary Charlotte Eliot Lockhart of Cleghorn and the Agency , of a piece of ground adjoining Cleghorn Station for a motor spirit and burning oil depot, for 20 years from Whitsunday ,l 925, at a rent of £35 per annum, was executed on behalf of the Company , which was confirmed Meeting of Directors of the Scottish Oil Agency Ltd 29th September 1926. See full record 215265

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