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Ellon oil installation

Former parish and county:
Parish of Ellon, County of Aberdeen
Local authority:

Oil tank erected by the Pumpherston Oil Co. Ltd.

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    • The Board again took into consideration the erection of an oil tank at Ellon Railway Station by the Pumpherston Oil Company. Ltd., within 25 feet of the centre of the public road. Mr Marr said no doubt the company had erected the tank in utter ignorance that they were contravening the regulations, but if the company were inclined to take the responsibility for any accident that might take place the Ellon District Council were willing to waive any objection which otherwise they would certainly have taken against any contravention their regulations. It was agreed to allow the tank to remain, provided the company undertook to relieve the County Council of all responsibility

      Buchan Observer 25th February 1913