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Golspie oil depot

Former parish and county:
Parish of Golspie, County of Sutherland
Local authority:


  • Listed as a place where motor spirit was held under licence in 1919 Minute of Director's meeting of the Scottish Oil Agency. See full record 87241 page 7
  • The Scottish Oil Agency Ltd agreed a lease in 1925 for a site near Golspie station for a motor spirit and burning oil depot. See full record 183530 page 66. Additional ground was leased in 1926.See full record 183530 page 75
  • LEASES.- It was reported that on 3rd February, 1926, Lease in duplicate, between the Duke of Sutherland and The Scottish Oil Agency, Ltd. of 370 square yards of ground for a depot at Golspie, for 20 years from Martinmas 1925, with breaks in favour of the tenants at the tenth and fifteenth years, at a rent of £10 per annum, was executed on behalf of the Company, which was confirmed. Meeting of Directors of the Scottish Oil Agency Ltd 27th April 1926. See full record 215265

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