Scottish shale Scottish shale

Dumbarton oil depot

Former parish and county:
Parish of Old Kilpatrick, County of Dunbarton
Local authority:
West Dunbartonshire


  • Oil tanks, presumably associated with railway sidings, recorded as installed by the Oakbank Oil Co. Ltd, see 183530 page 137.
  • Scottish Oil Agency Ltd signed agreement with LMS Railway for pipeline facilities at Dumbarton depot in 1930. See full record 183530 page 80
  • Depot at Dumbarton. It was reported that on 3rd June, 1930, Lease between Oswald Eden Dickinson and Richard Fairfax William Cartwright and the Agency of half an acre of ground at Dumbarton, part of the lands and estate of Dumbuck , for the erection of a bulk motor spirit and oil depot, from 1st March, 1930, until Whitsunday 1960, with breaks in favour of the tenants at Whitsunday 1940 and every five years thereafter, subject to six months' notice, at a rent of £30 per annum plus £3 per annum in respect of wayleave for pipelines, was executed on behalf of the Agency, which was confirmed. Meeting of Directors of the Scottish Oil Agency 24th June 1930. See full record 87241 page 149.
  • Agreement between Scottish Oils Ltd and Oswald Eden Dickinson and Richard Fairfax William regarding ground for depot at Dumbarton, 1st March 1930. See 183530 page 127

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