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Aberdeen - Pittodrie St. oil depot

Local authority:
Aberdeen city


  • Note regarding agreement between Young's PLMO Co. and Great North of Scotland Railway regarding storage tanks at Kittybrewster station, dated 1912. See 215853 page 344
  • The Scottish Oil Agency purchased land and buildings in 1920 as a motor garage and repair shop. See full record 183530 page 29.
  • A lease was agreed between the Scottish Oil Agency Ltd and the Great North of Scotland Railway, dated 1920 for the site of a bulk oil and motor spirit depot at Kittybrewster station, measuring 187 x 66 ft. Additional land was leased in 1931. See full record 183530 page 29
  • Disposition by The Scottish Oil Agency, Ltd. in favour of Shell-Mex and B.P Ltd. of subjects at Mintlaw, Huntly, Aberdeen (Pittodrie Street), Dysart, Dundee (India Buildings) Glasgow (Craigpark Street), Paisley, Greenock and Stornoway . Minute of Director's meeting of the Scottish Oil Agency, January 1933. See full reference 87241 page 179

Scottish Oil Agency Ltd had a depot in Bedford St. Aberdeen

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      On Saturday night a fire broke out at the Pittodrie Street depot of the Aberdeen branch of the Scottish Oil Agency, Ltd., and but for the effective work of the Fire Brigade serious damage would have been done.

      The depot consists of a number of wooden and corrugated iron buildings, and, fortunately, the one which the fire occurred contained only tools and mechanical equipment. The adjoining buildings house four large petroleum tanks and valuable stores, and the firemen succeeded saving these from destruction.

      Two lines hose had to be laid on, and, with a plentiful supply of water, the brigade was able to eonfine the fire to the place in which it originated. A large crowd gathered, and, lest the flames should reach and explode the oil tanks, the police had to keep the spectators back beyond the danger zone. The cause of the fire is unknown.

      Aberdeen Press and Journal, 14th May 1923