Scottish shale Scottish shale

Stranraer oil depot

Former parish and county:
Parish of Stranraer, County of Wigtown
Local authority:
Dumfries and Galloway


  • AR0721 (record missing) Agreement, dated 1913, between the Portpatrick and Wigtonshire Joint Committee and Youngs PLMO Co. regarding erection of oil tanks with yards at Newton Stewart and Stranraer
  • Oil tanks, presumably associated with railway sidings, recorded as installed by the Oakbank Oil Co. Ltd, see 183530 page 137.
  • The Scottish Oil Agency Ltd agreed a lease in 1925 for a piece of ground near the Edinburgh road for a motor spirit and burning oil depot. See full record 183530 page 64
  • It was reported that on 9th March, 1926, Minute of Lease, in duplicate, between the Stair Estates, Limited and The Scottish Oil Agency, Ltd. of 980 square yards of ground at Stranraer for the erection thereon of a motor spirit and burning oil depot for 20 years from Martinmas 1925, with a break in favour of the tenants at Martinmas 1935, at a rent of £10 per annum, was executed on behalf of the Company, which was confirmed. Meeting of Directors of the Scottish Oil Agency Ltd 30th March 1926. See full record 215265

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