Scottish shale Scottish shale

Musselburgh oil depot

Former parish and county:
Parish of Inveresk, County of Midlothian


  • Listed among “proposed depots to be extended” in minutes of Scottish Oil Agency 14th April 1919. See 215765 page 156

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      Although it turned out to he of simple character, the outbreak of fire which occutred at Bogle Hole about six o'clock on Tuesday evening at first gave rise to a good deal of alarm. Bogle Hole is the name given to the railway sidings at Shell-Mex oil depot at Campie, and when there a quantity of tar on the ground became alight just next to a tar tank fears were entertained for the safety of the nearby oil tanks and railway vehicles occupying the sidings. Those fears, however, were for the most part groundless, for there was no likelihood of the flames connecting themselves to the oils. The outbreak, which was caused by a spark from the engine of the 5.40 p.m. Musselhurgh to Edinburgh train, was suppressed without great difficulty.

      Musselburgh News, 4th June 1926


      A newpaper report in 1932 desribed Bogle Hole as a "former oil depot"