Scottish shale Scottish shale

Badallan No.2 mine

Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire
Local authority:
North Lanarkshire
post 1924
Current status of site:
Small bing remains in rough ground

A coal mine in the lands of Badallan.The 1924 Colliery Yearbook records R. Morrison as manager, with 13 employed underground and 4 on the surface. The location of the mine is uncertain; the suggested location is of a small bing dating roughly from the period when the mine was known to have been active.

  • Location of pit


    Work is a great deal better in the district for the past two weeks. and the pits are going nearly every day. The new coal company who are sinking a pit near Storry's farm, Badallan are making rapid progress in their work, and in a few months they will employ a large number of men.

    Midlothian Advertiser, 29th September 1911


    Colliery Manager's Contraventions. Yesterday, in Hamilton Sheriff Court, James Stirling, colliery manager, Fauldhouse, the manager of Badallan Colliery, Cambusnethan, occupied by Badallan Palace Farm Collieries ( Limited ), pleaded guilty to ten contraventions of the Coal Mines Act during tho month of October last Mr Bell, writer, Airdrie, on respondent's behalf, stated that the real cause was excessive trouble at the mine, which was a small one and run by a small company. The mine had been flooded to an excessive degree, and the respondent had been seriously ill battling with it night and day. The difficulties had also been added to by the machinery breaking down . Many of the offences, he said, were of a trifling nature. The Fiscal, while admitting that the pit was a small one with an output of 80 tons, said the case had been reported by the inspector to the Home Office, and through the Home Office to the Lord Advocate, who had ordered a prosecution. The Sheriff, expressed sympathy with the respondent, and said a great deal could be said on his behalf . However, some one had to be a scapegoat at times, and one just felt that the respondent was suffering for the sins of other people. He regretted that he could not dismiss respondent with an admonition, but he would impose the nominal penalty of £2, with the option of eight days' imprisonment .

    The Scotsman, 7th January 1914